The term “Jake” is affectionate New England slang for a Firefighter.  This word was first used as a reference to firemen in the early 20th century in the Greater Boston area, and it’s origins are recognized as officially unknown by several authors. While it is now a widely accepted term in the fire service, it is almost exclusively used in New England, and almost exclusively used to bestow great praise and the highest levels of respect.  To be called a “Good Jake” is the highest form of praise a Boston area firefighter can possibly receive from a peer.

Erik Thomas
United States Army

Military Police
Operation Enduring Freedom
Afghanistan 2002-2003

Stephanie Thomas

Dedicated Mother
Self Employed Business Owner Since 2004



A veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom ( Afghanistan 2002 and 2003 ) and currently serving as a Lieutenant for the Plymouth Fire Department, Erik has devoted his life to his family , country , and the community in which he was born and raised ( 3 Strong chore values to both Stephanie and Erik –  FAMILY, COMMUNITY, and COUNTRY which symbolizes the ” 3 ” in 3 Jakes )

Working side by side with his wife Stephanie ( a.k.a ” The Jane ” ), they have come together to combine their strengths and expertise to
forge an amazing company with a commitment to outstanding customer service, quality, and unique designs. All done in a timely manner that exceeds customer expectations. Each of them bring a uniqueness and different expertise to the company.

Erik is the art and screen printing manager. With over 25 years experience in the silkscreen trade, Erik will undoubtedly make your vision a reality.

Stephanie is an embroidery extraordinaire, with 15 years experience in the automated monogramming field she brings her attention to detail, strong work ethic and above all charming personality to the table to see the big picture in order to complete your project on time.

Residing in Plymouth, Stephanie and Erik have been together since 1993, and understand the devotion and passion it takes to not only raise a family together but a successful business as well.

We each view each and every customer as a unique individual and believe excellent customer service means going above and beyond your expectations.

As a veteran owned business that has not only served their country but community as well, they have had the opportunity to give back by
collaborating with major organizations or through volunteer work that includes comedy shows, golf tournaments, sporting events, fundraisers and major road races.

In the fire service, a ” Good Jake ” is the highest form of praise. We at 3 Jakes strive to be the ” Good Jakes ” of screen printing and
embroidery to our clients.

We truly look forward to working with you and above all thank you for your business and support.


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